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Your leaders are your most valuable asset and pivotal to your business performance in today’s evolving and unpredictable environment. At Kendall & Kendrick, we provide you with the knowledge, tools, techniques, and guidance to navigate the factors that impact a leader’s potential for success.


The 4D Leadership Framework is a leadership model that organizations use for role-based leadership development. The 4D model is a conceptual framework with sixteen dimensions that relates stakeholder roles, leaders, and policymakers to leadership development. Our work is built upon demonstrating how to successfully transfer identified competencies into an actionable “how-to” plan. 4D is an instrumental model for organizing and understanding various organizational and individual phenomena, including theories of organizational effectiveness, leadership competencies, cultural competencies,  team diversity, organizational design, and brain functioning.


Additionally, Kendall & Kendrick understands the importance of ethical leadership. As a result, the Ethics in Leadership (EIL) Model is embedded in the core competencies of our consulting practices. The EIL Model, developed by Dr. Loretta Daniels, is a compass for ethical norms in operations.

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Kendall & Kendrick coaching experts are a group of varied, passionate, and experienced executive coaches and management consultants. We have solid business and government service histories, and we provide expert support for organizational and leadership development programs.


Some of our executive coaches are solo practitioners. However, we bring value to our organizational clients by operating as a unified professional coaching practice. This enables us to find the greatest coach-client matches and assemble various coaching teams that follow a common philosophy and practice.


Kendall & Kendrick consultants will assist you in resolving immediate issues and provide long-term support to ensure your leadership team continues progressing and excelling. For optimum and long-term value, we coach and consult the individual client and the system they are a part of our executive coaches specialties: 

  • Coaching for Leading Diverse Teams

  • Coaching for Transfer Learning

  • Coaching for Executive and Senior Leaders

  • Coaching for Emerging Leadership Preparation

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Kendall & Kendrick has developed a step-by-step system for resolving conflict based on extensive expertise with conflict resolution, union-management interactions, and the development of negotiation abilities. We provide services such as enhancing negotiating skills, conflict management expertise, and developing proactive risk management to prevent and mitigate conflict. In addition, our professional conflict management consultants work with your organization to study systemic drivers of workplace and organizational conflict to discover complex conflict dynamics and conflict cultures that lead to organizational conflict.


After assessing dynamics and culture, your dedicated consultant advises your organization on techniques to improve conflict management through conflict coaching, conflict audits, and conflict management systems design.


Additionally, after conducting a considerable experiential study, Kendall & Kendrick establishes a one-on-one methodology designed to integrate executive coaching, cognitive science, and conflict management techniques to give a future-oriented, results-oriented, and goal-oriented approach.



Kendall & Kendrick consultants are experts at coaching and consulting emerging leaders to become more effective and efficient. Our customized emerging leadership services are designed to help your firm improve its leadership skills to achieve its objectives and goals.


Each emerging leader solution is tailored to help high-potential employees improve their leadership capacity and capability faster. The emerging leadership services include assessments, coaching sessions, intersession assignments, and selected readings.


Using proven, winning strategies, we are also skilled in customizing solutions to match our client's learning goals and objectives.


Emerging leaders will learn.

  • How to coach, train, mentor, and oversee a culturally diverse group of employees

  • How to create a personal leadership development plan

  • How to find, interview, hire, and keep outstanding performers

  • How to set personal goals and link them to the company's objectives

  • How to conduct performance evaluations

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