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I work as an Executive Coach with clients ranging from C-suite executives to middle management and physicians. My work is accountable, measurable, and with demonstrated ROI.


Along with coaching, I’ve conducted multiple training/learning experiences and worked with businesses to develop their work teams. My client base is local, national, and international, representing profit and not-for-profit sectors. These organizations and practices are diverse in their structure, product/service offering, and approach to leader development and engage my services in the areas of Assessment, Human Development, Interpersonal Relations, Executive and Manager Development, and Burnout and Resilience.


In addition to coaching and leader/manager development, I also conduct research in social narrative and cultural studies with specific emphasis upon the emergence, development, and role of social influence within leadership and its effect upon social systems. In addition, my interests include the psychology of human development, personality, schema, and resilience/ burnout.


I’ve also served as Chair of Public Leadership for the International Leadership Association and am a Professor of Leadership Studies and dissertation mentor. These opportunities and others have provided extensive experience with leadership and leading change. I consult in these areas as well. Likewise, I’ve presented at management and leadership conferences nationally and internationally (Western Academy of Management, Cranfield School of Management, International Leadership Association) and written professionally and academically (100+ articles) upon leadership, organizational change, organizational culture, leader well-being, and social influence. Similarly, I present at training workshops/learning experiences small and large. The full suite of adult learning modalities and technology is utilized in these, leading to high-impact immersive experiences. Additionally, my work as a public speaker has had me routinely deliver public addresses to groups of 400-1000 people.


This attitude toward client and development is a person-centered approach in the conviction that human beings have an in-built movement towards growth and development; a self-actualizing process in which the coach joins the client to identify values, encourage reflexivity, challenge inconsistencies, and limit assumptions to target performance within the presenting challenge.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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