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Professor Lecturing on Stage

The goal of Kendall & Kendrick Consulting Group is to contribute to you and your organization's success. We offer certificate programs that are predesigned and custom-designed to meet your business goals and objectives to help improve your desired outcomes. Certificate programs are taught by our subject-matter experts and professional development team.

Through our classroom-based certificate and online programs, professionals can realize their full potential as leaders, innovators, and change-makers.


Live Online

We specialize in creating hybrid, in-person, or live online programs incorporating top online learning strategies.

Offerings from specially crafted programs are made to cater to your professional and leadership development goals.


Flexible scheduling based on your team's availability and preferred location,

such as on-site at your business or one of our locations.

Custom-Designed Certificate Program Offerings

Pre-Designed Certificate Program Offerings

  • Women in Technology Entrepreneur Development Certificate Program 

Lunch & Learn Certificate Program Offerings

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