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I am a connector. I connect people, ideas and past to the future like dots. I am fearless in challenging the status quo and conventional thinking and someone you can count on to inspire you to think differently.

Originally from Latvia, I have spent a decade of my life in the UK. There I obtained a degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from University of Southampton, and since, have worked with FTSE100 and NYSE listed corporates, Tech start-ups, public sector, and government institutions. The key strategic initiatives I have been involved in have been related to People, Workplace Culture, Leadership Development, Sustainability and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Businesses don’t second guess their profits, market share or successes. Yet, their culture and people initiatives are based on best intentions, vague strategies, and virtue signalling. Any business leader knows that people are their either biggest asset or liability. Since 2020, as the Founder and CEO of Lakehouse Consulting, I am bringing science-backed and data-informed tools and methods into organisations to stop the second guessing of workplace  cultures and make them their biggest asset that drives growth, sustainability and productivity. 

As a certified coach, I approach my work in a non-hierarchical manner with connection, growth, and co-creation, as my guiding values. I strive to create spaces for courageous conversations built on trust and psychological safety, as they are vital elements for growth, innovation, productivity, and inclusion.

I am passionate about the power of community, collective action, and global impact, and the cornerstones of such ambitious and pervasive work begins with our own self-exploration and inclusion.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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