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Global DISC Assessment

Global DISC™ is an ICF-accredited, multi-award-winning assessment and coaching solution unlocking the potential within and between people by leveraging individual and group mindsets. Global DISC measures individual preferences based on cultural orientation and personality type.

It introduces the topic of cultural intelligence (ICQ) using the language of the most widely used behavioral model, DISC. It explains WHAT, HOW, and WHY people think and behave so differently and how to turn their diversity into synergy.

The Global DISC will help you identify where you need to ‘bridge the gaps’ to achieve successful business outcomes while working locally or globally. It’s an ideal tool for global leaders, multi-cultural teams, or anyone working with other countries or cultures.

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Our Global DISC Assessment Service includes:

  • Online Global DISC assessment

  • 42-page individual report

  • Up to 10 country-comparison reports

  • Up to 16 DISC comparison profile reports

  • 2 Hour Coaching Debrief Session


If you choose to have a group/team complete, we can also provide a group profile to show your blind spots and where your profile aligns with the group/team/department.

In addition, it can be used in conjunction with our other cross-cultural and global leadership courses to show data on where the participant needs to ‘bridge cultural gaps’ and flex their leadership style.

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